Muhammad Hamza Baba

Sadda Kurram Agecny,

FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas)

Sadda is a the second large town in Kurram Agency. It is a big trade market for the people of lower kurram and central kurram.


The majority tribes are the Orakzai and the Bangash.

Kurram Valley

Kurram (Urduوادی کُرم ; Pashto: كرمه Kurma) tribal agency is located in the FATA area of Pakistan. Geographically it covers Kurram Valley which is a beautiful valley in the northwestern part of Pakistan neighboring Afghanistan.

Until the year 2000, when divisions were abolished, the Kurram District used to be part of the Peshawar Division of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan.


The name Kurram comes from the river Kurram which flows along the valley. The valley in the north is surrounded by snow-covered or 'White' Mountains (the Safed Koh) which also forms the natural border with Afghanistan.

In lower kurram agency MAkhizai is the most beautiful place in lower kurram agency which population depend upon on two tibal (Bangash and Turi) Makhizai have natural richness depended upon on hills and mountain which have forest (ever green) and field for growing like rice and wheat etc are popular growth in them.
Administrative divisions
Upper Kurram Agency
Lower Kurram Agency
Central Kurram Agecny